Below is a selection of our most popular will writing and probate services prices. If the service you require is not listed then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

*All prices shown are exclusive of VAT


 Single Willfrom £125
 Mirror Willsfrom £225
 Advance Directive (Living Will) – on its own£75
 Advance Directive (Living Will) – with a Will£45


Powers of Attorney

 General Power of Attorney£125
 Lasting Power of Attorney – Single (*excl disbursements)£200
 Lasting Power of Attorney – Pair (*excl disbursements)£350
 Registration of one EPA/LPA (*excl disbursements)£150
 Registration of one EPA/LPA Existing LPA client (*excl disbursements)£50
 *Please note that there is a separate fee payable to the Office of the Public Guardian for registering an LPA. This is currently £82 per LPA.

Trusts (included in the Will)

Disabled/Addicted Beneficiary Trust£150
Protective Property Trust£350
Discretionary Trust (depending on complexity)from £150
Flexible Life Interest Trust£450
Business Property Relief Trust£300

Estate Administration

Our fee for a probate case will be dependent on the circumstances and what is involved. This will normally be a % of the value of an estate or a fixed fee.

Please call us to discuss.

Please note that a fee quoted will not include VAT, disbursements or court fees.

  • Will Writing Services

    A will is one of the most important legal documents you will ever produce, and is the only way to ensure that your wishes are carried out and your estate is divided in the way that you choose.

  • Probate Services

    Probate is a legal process that occurs once an individual has died, where your Executors/Personal Representatives handle your estate, including taxes, debts and distributions of inheritance.

  • Estate Planning

    Sometimes your circumstances may require additional clauses in your will to protect your assets against remarriage or bankruptcy or divorce of a beneficiary or to assist in mitigating inheritance tax.

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