Where Is Your Will?

Writing your will is not the end of the process, though many people seem to think it is. Your will needs to be stored somewhere safe and secure until it is needed. More importantly, however, your will needs to be stored somewhere that is also known about to those who will need it after you have gone.

At Abbotts Wills and Probate Services we can store your Wills and other important documents for as little as £35 plus VAT. If we are storing your Wills for this money you are also entitled to 4 changes per year. We write to your executors letting them know that we have the Wills and other important documentation. We also guarantee to keep you informed of any office relocation etc.

The best way to be sure that everything has been thought about properly and fully carried out is to think the process through from beginning to end. Your will is needed so that those you leave behind, family members and friends, can receive your worldly possessions in the way that you want them to after you die.

Writing your will is the first vital step, but the next step is equally vital: your will has to be stored where it is safe and where it can be found. This is the step that so many only half do. They store it somewhere safe and secure, but no one knows where that is because they tell no one. Then when they die there’s a mad scramble by relatives to find the will – your will!

This is not how it should be. You family and friends are grieving their loss. It is simply not the best time to have to search for a will, but if they don’t, the state will declare that you have died intestate. That means that they will say that you left no will. When that happens the state will assess the situation and distribute all your assets in the best way they see fit.

Imagine if your will turns up some time later, sometime after the state has decided who gets what. It is highly likely that the way the state distributed your belongings will not have been the way that you wanted them distributed. How do you think your family and friends will feel? And all because you stored your will somewhere safe and sound, but you didn’t bother to tell anyone where it was.

The executor of your will needs to know where your will is stored. Main beneficiaries should also know where your will is stored, in fact, telling all of your close family where your will is being kept is probably a good idea. It really is that important.

  • Will Writing Services

    A will is one of the most important legal documents you will ever produce, and is the only way to ensure that your wishes are carried out and your estate is divided in the way that you choose.

  • Probate Services

    Probate is a legal process that occurs once an individual has died, where your Executors/Personal Representatives handle your estate, including taxes, debts and distributions of inheritance.

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    Sometimes your circumstances may require additional clauses in your will to protect your assets against remarriage or bankruptcy or divorce of a beneficiary or to assist in mitigating inheritance tax.

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